3 Tips To Extend Your Hairstyle's Life Span After A Blowout

3 Tips To Extend Your Hairstyle's Life Span After A Blowout

16 January 2019
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From creating a style you desire without actually knowing how to do so to enjoying the massage and physical sensation of having your hair done, the benefits of a professional blowout should be easy to see. Although designed to last, your blowout may not last as long as possible because you do not know how to maintain your finished hairstyle. This guide will give you a few tips to prolong the life span of your blowout, ensuring the hair blow-drying treatment is an excellent investment.

Wash Thoroughly

A great deal of dirt, dust, and oil builds up in the hair and on the scalp over time. A simple wash will not be effective for removing this heavy buildup, decreasing how well your hair can be dried and styled.

Your stylist will wash your hand before starting the blowout. However, shampooing your hair before arriving at your appointment or asking your stylist to wash your hair an additional time is best to ensure the blowout is truly effective.

Make sure to use a clarifying shampoo especially before the blowout. These shampoos cleanse the hair and scalp deeply, stripping the hair of any dirt, dust, and oil that will affect your new style. Also, massage the shampoo closer to the hair roots instead of the strands. This will help remove buildup from the roots, which will give your hair a voluminous boost during the blowout.

Go Easy on Product

When your stylist is blowing your hair out, you may think that adding a lot of product is best for maintaining the style for a longer period of time. In reality, less is more when it comes to adding styling product.

Using too much hair spray, mouse, texturizer, or balm will only increase the amount of buildup on your hair strands and your roots. This buildup may be effective for a quick boost of volume and holding your style in place temporarily, but the buildup will actually cause your hair to fall flat sooner rather than later.

Only a few products should be used during your blowout. Your stylist should apply a heat protectant to your hair before drying. In addition, a light amount of volumizing product should be sufficient. If you have fine hair, a small amount of root boost can be applied to the roots directly. For curly hair, applying a small amount of mouse should be sufficient for taming the hair.

Shower Properly

Even if your hair has been perfectly styled, you will need to shower to cleanse your body. Protecting your blowout is possible while still washing your body and freshening up your hair.

To get started, make sure you have a shower cap on hand. Choose a cap that is lined with an extra layer of moisture protection. Remember that even a small amount of moisture or humidity can affect your blowout.

Pull your hair back gently, clipping it in place off your neck. Then, cover it with your shower cap.

Showering is essential for cleansing your body, but you may be wondering how to freshen up your hair. You should not shampoo your hair if you want your blowout to last. Thankfully, there is another solution.

Dry shampoo is a great option for giving freshening up your hair while it is styled after a blowout. The shampoo is sprayed onto your hair and roots in a light and airy powder form, which absorbs oil while removing any odors. Avoid spraying too much of the dry shampoo. Also, do not spray the shampoo too closely to your hair, since this can cause the powder to build up, resulting in white flecks in your hair.

A blowout is a great way to achieve the look you want for an extended period of time. These tips will help you prolong the style, allowing you to enjoy your blowout longer.

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