Mascara Tips For Redheads

Mascara Tips For Redheads

18 November 2021
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Redheads are known for having beautiful hair and attractive porcelain skin. However, it can be difficult for them to find the right makeup to match their look. Luckily, there are some options available that help to bring out their best features and even to hide some flaws they may feel they have. One type of makeup that can help a redhead to get the look they want is mascara. However, it has to be the right mascara. The right mascara will help to widen their eyes and make them look more awake. It will also help to brighten the look of their eyes and help to make the color of them really stand out. Here is some more information on mascara for redheads. 

Redheads often need mascara that coats their lighter lashes

One problem that some people with red hair have with mascara is it can be hard to find one that completely covers their lashes, which are often a lighter color. It can take a lot of mascara to cover their lashes completely. This means they can go through the mascara fast. Even worse, the amount they need to put on their lashes will leave them looking too thick and clumpy. A person with red hair should use mascara that offers the most cover possible with the least amount of coats. Many times, very black mascara will be good for this purpose. 

Someone with red hair may have thin eyelashes

Anyone can have thinner eyelashes than most. However, the lighter color of a red-headed person's eyelashes can make their lashes look extremely thin. This is why they should look for a mascara that really helps to give the appearance of fuller lashes. Some types of mascara will coat the lashes in a way that thickens their appearance and fans them out. This makes it look like they have more lashes. When this mascara does this, it also helps a person's eyes to really pop and look fabulous. 

A person with red hair will appreciate waterproof mascara

A person who has a darker complexion can get away with a little smudging around their eyes due to their mascara not being waterproof. However, those with fair skin, like redheads, can't get away with this. Any little amount of smudging will show up well on their fairer skin. This is why a person with a lighter complexion will want to look for a mascara that is waterproof.

For more information, check out a company that offers mascara for redheads, such as Just For Red Heads.

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