Generational Struggles | Making Sense Of Jeans In 2023 For Gen X

Generational Struggles | Making Sense Of Jeans In 2023 For Gen X

12 July 2023
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Jeans have been around for over a century, and they continue to be a staple in fashion. They are timeless, yet every generation has its own take on them. While jeans never go out of style, the fit of your favorite pair does. Whether you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe, replace old jeans, or add new ones, you need to know the difference between relaxed-fit denim dad jeans, mom jeans, and the millennial favorite, skinny jeans. Here's what you need to know.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans were ubiquitous until they weren't. Now, they are controversial, stirring up strong feelings of resentment, depending on how old you are. Millennials have rallying cries against giving up skinny jeans and tout a war "raging on" with Gen Z over this cut of jeans. Gen Z, for their part, just chills and wonders how anyone can get so worked up over such a non-issue.

The truth is that skinny jeans will always have their place in fashion. They have a form-fitting cut that accentuates your curves and elongates your legs. They are the perfect base for any outfit, can be worn all year round, and are a great option for short people.

Mom Jeans

So, what jeans do Gen Z approve of wearing? Mom jeans. Yes, you read that right. Mom jeans have taken over the fashion world, and many Gen Xers are left cringing. These high-waisted, straight-legged jeans were popular in the 80s when your mom wore them. However, in 2023, they are back in full force, and your kids are loving them. They offer a relaxed fit, making them ideal for everyday wear, and sit high on your waist. They can be styled in many ways, from a casual day out with friends to a night out on the town. While you may never be caught dead in mom jeans, Gen Z loves this craze.

Dad Jeans

Just when Gen X is getting over the shock of mom jeans being considered stylish, the fashion world rolls out dad jeans. For those of you who are not familiar, relaxed-fit denim dad jeans are straight-leg jeans worn at your natural waist. They fit a bit loose and are often worn long and cuffed. Comfortable and practical, like your dad, they provide full coverage without clinging or hugging your body. They are perfect for weekend outings or running errands. In 2023, relaxed-fit denim dad jeans are in, and pairing them with a fitted t-shirt or an oversized sweater is the ultimate casual-cool look. (Do people still say cool?) To learn more about dad jeans, contact a company like Blooming Daily.

While jeans are essential for everyone, the key takeaway is to buy what you like and what fits best on your body. Don't worry about the generational in-fighting over denim. Whether you rock out in a pair of skinny jeans or chill in a pair of relaxed-fit denim dad jeans, there is a perfect pair for everyone. Just no dad jokes, mkay?

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