Scented Wax Can Melt Away The Blues

Scented Wax Can Melt Away The Blues

11 January 2023
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Did you know that scents can help reduce or alleviate depression? The sense of smell is powerful, and fragrances can trigger emotion, memories, and healing. Wax melts offer an inventive and safe alternative to candles for aromatherapy in any home or space. These cubes of scent-infused wax are gently and gradually warmed until melted while filling the space with a pleasant aroma.   

Wax Melts for Aromatherapy

Usually, each wax melt cube is designed to be compatible with warmers and diffusers widely. There are several different types of wax for you to choose from, including paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and gel waxes. Each type of wax offers different advantages and features, depending on your own preferences.  

Aromatherapy for Depression

So, what scents help alleviate depression? What about anxiety? Seek out the following scents for your wax melts or other aromatherapy products to help reduce depression and anxiety.

  • Lavender is lauded for relieving anxiety and helping with sleep. The scent of lavender calms and relaxes all ages, from infants to seniors. Lavender wax melts are very popular, and the effects are immediate for many.

  • Bergamot comes from the citrus family, and it has a relaxing impact when used in aromatherapy. Plus, Bergamot can help with sleep and insomnia, too.

  • Chamomile is the most popular scent chosen for treating depression and stress. It is also used by those suffering from anxiety and is considered quite therapeutic.

  • Clary sage has a magical history and clary sage wax melts have a herbaceous aroma when warmed and diffused in the home. This is particularly sought for alleviating depression.

  • Frankincense is often used in meditation and other ceremonies. It has been reported to be effective for calming during chaos or stress. Look for wax melts that are infused with Frankincense essential oil, ideally from Africa.

  • Lemon, like Bergamot, has a citrus scent that energizes and lifts the spirits. The fragrance of lemon also can reduce feelings of anxiety in social situations, also.

  • Rose-scented wax melts promote a sense of well-being and calm, bringing up memories and nostalgia for many. The smell of rose can also help you get a good night's sleep.

  • Pine is a pleasant, fresh smell that can also impact mood. In fact, studies show that aromatherapy products, like wax melts with a pine scent lower anxiety and reduce depression among participants.  

  • A fresh-cut lawn is another scent that is often replicated in wax melts and candles, and it is a popular choice for lifting mood and reducing anxiety. The scent is touted for promoting a sense of calm, while also contributing to focus and cognition.  

Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? Consider using aromatherapy, more specifically wax melts and warmers, to infuse the air in your home therapeutically. Try these scent suggestions to reduce feelings of the blues — and to 'melt' away anxiety, too! For more information on wax warmers, contact a company near you.

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