3 Hot Nail Trends To Consider For The Holidays

3 Hot Nail Trends To Consider For The Holidays

21 November 2018
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From ordering a ham and shopping for gifts to decorating the Christmas tree and hanging stockings, the various tasks that you need to complete before the holidays can be overwhelming. While meals, gift-giving, and decorating are all important, focusing on your appearance can be beneficial to your health and emotional wellness. A manicure is one of the easiest ways to improve the way you look and feel, so this holiday season, consider one or more of these fun trends for your nails the next time you visit a nail spa.

1. Ombre

Even though most people have seen an ombre design, they may not realize what exactly it is or what it is called. This design adds various stages of one color, starting from a darker version and decreasing down in shades to the lightest version.

For your nails, consider a red ombre design that starts as a bright red at the top of your nail, fading down to a lighter red at the tip of your fingers. A deep burgundy that fades down to a lighter shade is also an option to consider for your holiday nails. Or, if you prefer something more modern, consider a shiny black that fades to a sparkling grey color.

2. Glitter

Glittery, sparkly nails may not be a new trend, but it is a great look that never seems to go out of style for the holiday season. A sparkly silver or gold covering one or all of your nails is an option. Or, you can add a sparkly polish to just the tips of your nails, if you prefer.

If you want a bit of color of your holiday look, opt for a colored polish, in red, grey, or blue, and add a top coat of glittery polish. Finally, you can add glitter and sparkle to even clear-coated nails. A slight overlay of sparkling clear polish is an easy way to turn an ordinary nail into an extraordinary holiday look.

3. Metallic

Another way to add a bit of shine without using glitter is by painting your nails in a metallic polish. Metallic polishes cover the entire nail with color while creating a shimmery surface that is mature and elegant. For the Christmas season, consider a deep red metallic polish or a burgundy metallic. Many people also prefer a metallic black or grey. A metallic teal or blue are also beautiful options for your nails.

With everything on your agenda for the holiday season, it is easy to forget about your nails. Thankfully, these trends will ensure you get excited about a manicure for the holidays.

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