Three Reasons To Make Use Of A Tanning Salon This Winter

Three Reasons To Make Use Of A Tanning Salon This Winter

21 November 2018
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With winter's arrival, you'll likely be spending less time outside than any other time of the year. Because of this, you can likely kiss the tan you earned this past summer goodbye. But what if you didn't have to? If you have tanning salons in your local community, you may be able to preserve your tan until you can head back outside in the spring. Here are three reasons to consider heading to a tanning salon on a regular basis this winter.

Maintain Self Esteem

Let's face it, you look good. It'd be a shame to let that summer tan fall off and return your normally pale-looking skin to prominence. If you enjoy laying out at the pool in the summer because of the look it gives you, there's no reason to give it all up this winter. A trip to a tanning salon even once or twice a week will be more than enough to maintain the look you worked so hard to achieve, and you'll likely feel better about yourself as a result.

Maintain Vitamin D Levels

A little bit of sun will naturally provide your skin a little bit of vitamin D. Your skin is your body's biggest organ after all, and it needs a regular dose of vitamin D to be at its best. Sure, you could resort to popping pills this winter, but the most effective source of vitamin D for your body comes from ultraviolet (UV) rays. A tanning bed is the next best thing for UV ray exposure when the sun isn't out.

You never want to overdo it when it comes to UV ray exposure of course, but a controlled schedule should not put you in any danger. You'll be able to get your weekly dose of vitamin D from the tanning salon and keep your skin healthy and feeling great.

Be Prepared for a Winter Vacation

Finally, even if you don't care about holding onto your summer tan, you still might want to lie down in a tanning bed a couple of times before heading somewhere warm and sunny for your winter vacation. This will get your skin used to getting a tan again before you actually hit the beach somewhere. This may help you avoid a sunburn on your first day of vacation that could end up ruining the rest of the trip.

Head to your local tanning salon today to keep your good look going all year round.

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