Droopy Eyelids Bringing You Down? 3 Ways To Make Them Look Better, Instantly

Droopy Eyelids Bringing You Down? 3 Ways To Make Them Look Better, Instantly

28 November 2018
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When your eyelids droop, they can add years to the rest of your face, bringing you down literally and figuratively. Especially if you believe your eyes are drooping long before you're old enough for that to happen, you probably feel like hiding your eyes under dark sunglasses or covering them up with long bangs. Wait! Before you hide, consider the following three ways in which you can instantly make them look better.

1. Eyelid Tape

Eyelid tape is a thin, curved strip that fits over your eyelid in such a manner as to push excess skin back. Ultimately, the tape should help you form a bigger lid, with less of the drooping "hood" hanging down. There can be a frustrating learning curve with eyelid tape, but eventually, you should be able to place it in just the right spot. While you can apply makeup around the tape, you can't have any underneath or directly on top of it. It's invisible, for the most part, unless someone gets up close and personal, actually looking for it. Be careful removing eyelid tape, as this area of skin is ultra-sensitive and pulling and stretching may irritate or damage skin.

2. Expert Contouring

Depending on the extent of your drooping, contouring may work wonders. If your skin tends to be dry or it's developing wrinkles, a cream contour would be best, but if your skin is normal, oily or you have no worry about wrinkles in the eye area, a powder is just fine. Darken the area right above your eyelid, adding depth and the illusion of a smoother, lifted eye area. You'll want to add the lightest contour immediately under the eyebrow, to highlight and shape. This, too, requires practice and even experimentation with different types and shades of contour.

3. Lash Extensions

Long, lush lashes can actually reach right up over your hooded eyelids, causing them to practically disappear. The problem, though, can be with the application of false lashes. Many women find the glue, snipping and placement incredibly difficult. Take your problem to a lash extension service, rather than fighting with falsies. A lash extension service employs different techniques of application, and offers a variety of shapes and lengths. Confess your situation in complete honesty, allowing the lash experts to offer helpful solutions. They can extend your lashes with individualized shaping and even tint your eyebrows to boot, adding a touch of brightness to frame your new eye look.

Your eyes are an important part of how you feel about yourself, so do what you can, when you can, to make them look better. Drooping eyelids are a concern for many women; thus, it would be nice to take what you learn and share it with friends. Of course, you could keep your precious little secrets to yourself, leaving everyone to wonder what you did to look so incredible, so quickly. It's eye-opening, really.

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