Three Cosmetic Procedures That Pair Well With Dermal Fillers

Three Cosmetic Procedures That Pair Well With Dermal Fillers

4 December 2018
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A nice thing to keep in mind about cosmetic procedures is that many of them work well on their own or alongside other procedures. If you want to change the appearance of your face and retain a youthful look, dermal filler injections can be an obvious choice. Whether you're looking to obtain more volume in your cheeks or to eliminate the blackish circles beneath your eyes, there's a strong likelihood that your cosmetic surgeon will advocate dermal fillers such as Juvederm. While you're at the clinic, you should also discuss what additional goals you have for making yourself look more youthful. Your surgeon will likely recommend the following three procedures that pair well with dermal fillers.


To the untrained eye, there are some similarities between dermal fillers and Botox. For example, both procedures involve specifically placed injections around your face. However, the reality is that these procedures aren't the same. Whereas dermal fillers can help with a long list of issues, Botox injections are mainly effective for eliminating lines in your face. For example, if you'll be adding a little more shape to your lips with dermal fillers, you may also want to use Botox to eliminate the lines around your mouth.


For many patients, dermal fillers pair well with a facelift. For example, dermal filler treatments are perfect for giving your cheeks a plumper appearance, which may be a desirable way to reduce the sunken look that they can develop as you age. You may feel that you wouldn't like the look of plumper cheeks with a face that sags a little, which can make a facelift a suitable cosmetic procedure to consider at the same time. Your cosmetic surgeon will likely show you images of other patients who have relied on dermal filler treatments and facelifts to look younger.

Eyelid Surgery

Many dermal filler patients rely on this cosmetic procedure to raise their eyebrows and even give this part of their face more volume. You may want to inquire about having eyelid surgery as a complementary cosmetic procedure. If your eyebrows and the area around them look more youthful as a result of the dermal filler treatments, reducing the excess skin and sagginess of your eyelids can help you to accomplish the goal of looking younger around your eyes.

Consult your local cosmetic surgery clinic to learn what other procedures may pair well for you with your dermal filler treatments.

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