Four Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Four Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

6 December 2018
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Hair extensions are a great way to get long, beautiful hair instantly. It's a great option for anyone who doesn't have the time, patience, or ability to grow their hair on their own. If you decide to get hair extensions, it's important that you take good care of them. Here are four tips to make your hair extensions last as long as possible:

1. Don't use conditioner before your appointment.

Usually, you're told to use conditioner religiously. After all, it protects your hair and makes it sleek and shiny. However, you shouldn't use conditioner before you get hair extensions put it. Conditioner coats your hair and can make it more slippery, which means your hair extensions may have a hard time gripping onto your hair. Do wash your hair before your salon appointment, but skip the conditioner.

2. Get microbead hair extensions.

There are several different types of hair extensions, and picking the right one can make all the difference in your results. Microbead hair extensions are a new kind of hair extension, and they're the best ones available right now. Instead of sewing extensions into your hair, your hair dresser will use tiny beads to crimp the extensions into place on your natural hair. This allows the extensions to be removed at a later date with no damage to your hair. According to Donna Bella Hair, microbead extensions can last as long as six months.

3. Brush your hair carefully.

You can still brush and style your microbead hair extensions like your natural hair, but don't be rough with them. When you brush your hair, start from the ends and work your way up to the roots to tease knots out gently. When you get near the roots of your hair, make sure to avoid brushing the microbeads. You don't want to pull on them with your brush or comb since that might disturb your extensions.

4. Don't pull your hair when styling.

Long hair can look amazing in a high ponytail. You'll probably want to experiment with various updos with your new hair extensions, but just make sure you don't pull them too tight. Be gentle when tightening your ponytails and don't yank on the ends.

Hair extensions are an investment in your looks, and they can last a long time if you treat them right. These are just a few tips to help you care for your hair extensions. Your stylist can assist you with more tips tailored to your personal hair type.

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