Types Of Tattoos For An Avid Sports Fan To Consider

Types Of Tattoos For An Avid Sports Fan To Consider

18 March 2019
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If you're a die-hard fan of a certain sports team, you might enjoy not only attending games and watching them on TV, but also wearing jerseys, T-shirts, and other apparel with the team's logo as much as you can. One way of furthering your commitment to the team is to visit a local tattoo studio and get a tattoo that relates to this team. Sports teams tattoos are very popular among loyal fans, and there's little question that your fellow fans will be quick to celebrate this idea when you reveal the ink at the next live event. Here are some tattoo ideas that might suit you.

Portrait Of A Legend

Seek out a tattoo artist in your area who can demonstrate exceptional aptitude with life-like portraits and talk to him or her about putting the likeness of a celebrated athlete on your body. Think about a sports legend from your favorite team. It could be someone who played long before you were born but whose prowess you have often read about. Or, it might be a favorite player from when you were a child or perhaps even now. Having this person's facial portrait or full-body portrait inked onto your body can be an effective way to celebrate them and the team.

Championship Trophies

Depending on the team for which you cheer, it may have one or more championships in its history. If you want to celebrate these accomplishments, you can do so with a tattoo. One option is to have the date and the final score of each championship game inked onto your body, along with the team's logo. You can get creative depending on the sport, too. For example, if you're a hockey fan, you might get several representations of the Stanley Cup — one for each championship that the team has won.

Retired Numbers

It's common for professional sports teams to retire the jersey numbers of their all-time best players. This is the ultimate team honor and means that no future player will be able to wear this jersey number. A fun tattoo idea to consider is to get each of the retired jersey numbers of your favorite team inked onto your body. Your tattoo artist can even use the correct font to make the numbers look just like actual jersey crests. When you're planning the location of this tattoo, remember to leave space for future retired numbers.

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