Is Your Wife Having A Birthday Soon?

Is Your Wife Having A Birthday Soon?

22 May 2019
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If your wife is having a birthday in the near future, are you all set with a gift and have you already planned a special event? If so, you deserve a pat on the back for being organized ahead of time. On the other hand, you might be feeling a bit stressed because you're simply not ready. If that's the case, from preparing a gift basket that includes beauty products to planning a beauty-themed event for your wife, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Gift - Do you want to buy one big gift, or do you want your wife to have the fun of opening several little gifts? If you are shopping for a big gift, consider buying your wife a piece of jewelry that will someday be passed on to one of your children. For example, a locket with a tiny picture of you two on your wedding day would be a very sentimental and lovely gift that might someday be a treasured heirloom. 

If you think your wife would love to open several smaller presents, consider preparing a gift basket. One thing that might be fun is to include beauty items in it. For example, you could buy Czech painted nail files online from a company like Snazzy Creations as one of the gifts. Have you ever seen them before? If not, you'll be amazed at how truly beautiful they can be. In addition, they are super strong and durable. An added bonus is that while they might cost more than regular nail files and emery boards, Czech nail files are affordable. Think of buying a few of them: One could go in her purse, another in a kitchen drawer, one for the car, and a few for her makeup drawer. 

Other things you could add to the gift basket might be scented hand lotions, pretty nail polishes, a scented candle, and even a piece of jewelry you know your wife would love. If she loves classic beauty, think of buying her something like simple pearl stud earrings. If your wife loves a bit of pizzazz in her life, choose something like colorful chandelier earrings.

The Event - If you still have children living at home, consider asking them to help you plan a special birthday outing. For instance, a Sunday drive that ends with a picnic that you and the kids prepare yourselves would probably delight your wife. If there are no longer children in your home, it would still be fun to go on a picnic, wouldn't it? 

If you don't think a picnic would please your sweetheart, think of things she would love to do on her birthday. Maybe she would love dinner at an elegant restaurant or a movie right in your own home with popcorn and her favorite beverage while she watches a movie of her choice.

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