Tips For Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome As A Masseuse

Tips For Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome As A Masseuse

26 March 2021
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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that's also known as median nerve compression. Unfortunately, massage therapists can develop it over time for various reasons, but you can be proactive to help prevent it. When you start with healthy practices while learning the art of massage, they can help you stay healthy as you develop your skills and put them into practice. Consider these tips to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Avoid Keeping Your Hands in a Gripped Position for Too Long

Many massage therapists make the mistake of leaving their hands in one steady position for over five minutes. They may also grab onto things like massage tools too tightly. If they do so too often, they find themselves developing carpal tunnel syndrome. While you may need to perform extended grips or uncomfortable positions as you massage a client, take a break from keeping your hands in a difficult position for more than a few minutes at a time.

Stop Smoking

If you have a smoking habit, try to stop it as soon as possible. If you have difficulty giving up cigarettes, know that you are not alone. Nearly every former smoker had a tough time quitting. However, there are a wide variety of programs out there to help you. If you are ready to quit, ask your doctor for advice. They can help you quit and refer you to treatment programs that will work within your schedule.

Invest in Ergonomic Tools

As an aspiring massage therapist, you need to invest in ergonomic office accessories and massage tools. Not only will massage tools help you provide the best possible massage to your future clients, but ergonomic office supplies can also help protect you when you're working on the business side of your career. Take the time to select ones that feel comfortable for you. This is not where you want to try to save money, either. Invest in nice tools to help you stay healthy.

Try to Eat Healthy Foods and Exercise Regularly

While many thin people get carpal tunnel syndrome, being obese puts you at a greater risk for developing the condition. Try to exercise each day, even if it's only for a few minutes. Also, stick to balanced, plant-based meals whenever possible. Simply moving more and eating when only when you're hungry may help you stay at a healthy weight or lose excess pounds. Talk to your doctor if you need help losing weight or finding the motivation to stick to a healthy exercise regimen.

Finally, as you study how to be a masseuse, take lots of notes and asks your teachers any questions that come to mind. The more you know about how to do your job well, the better prepared you are to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome problems. When you prioritize your health throughout your time at massage school and continue that in your professional career in massage, you are setting yourself up for success in every way.

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